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We've had some great feedback from customers over the years that we wanted to share with you...

Vanguard Glass Block, Installed in Rochester, Syracuse and Albany
"Vanguard Glass Block answered the phone and immediately without question gave me a referral to call. I called that phone number and was pleased to hear that customer was very happy with Vanguard Glass Block and the quality of their work. I enlisted Vanguard Glass Block to install seven basement windows in my home and highly recommend them. They are professional and courteous and did a great job!"

Carrie Benedict, Greece NY

"Vanguard Glass Block installed my mother’s windows and when I relocated from California and bought a home in Rochester. I also used Vanguard Glass Block Windows. They asked me to measure the temperature in the basement in the winter before the glass blocks were installed. The temperature measured 37 degrees Fahrenheit with a thermostat set at 55 degrees Fahrenheit. After I finished remodeling and had Vanguard install the Glass Block in the basement the temperature in the basement read 64 degrees Fahrenheit with the thermostat set at 55 degrees. I am very happy with my new Glass Block Windows and highly recommend Vanguard Glass Block Windows."

Richard, Brighton NY

"Quality workmanship, quality materials - we highly recommend Vanguard."

Tay Bacon, Fairport NY

"Quick and quality installation. Saved on our energy bills. Saved on our energy bills... We now see the light of day. Thanks Vanguard Glass Block."

Deborah Heintz, Fairport NY

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